The Unbreakable 2018

Did you know why I put "The Unbreakable 2018" on the tittle ? Yes ! I assure you that this year will be my unbreakable year. Despite all the hardships I get from last year, I consider that 2017 has been giving me such of ups and downs badly. Well. Not all things went bad to be exact. But I have found myself more and more. The inner healing worked out in a very fine way.

Having a hope is so normal for any kinda people nowadays since hope is all we got. Finding your true self in a very less fortunate circumstances also one big hit like getting a jackpot. And I have learn so much to forgive myself. Really. To me, the most important is actually be back and feel good about yourself first. Then the rest will follow.

I happen meet a lot of old and new people in 2017. A real great and brilliant people who are so genuine sharing what are their capability in doing their things. Like learning about brain. I have learn that most people have the significant attitude differences and actually we can see it through learning their brain.

And as in studies, the four types of brain leads us to do such thing like we all do according to our self and character based on their experiences and types of brain. To those who understand this can have the tolerance for people more than the average.

I am not the stoic type. Maybe I can say I am the alchemist type. I have this kinda self motivated character that keeps me moving. Its like I have the unlimited spirit and be such an energetic type.

Now I know for some who (thinks) they know me better might have think in a different way. But what they know doesn't define what's inside of me. What is the actual struggle that battling around this whole time.

But what I have experienced last year was a major turning point for me. I take time for myself in doing my self recovery. To heal myself from within and do it myself. Not all people can do this since it takes a lot of effort to do so.

The psychological damage on me cannot be measured with anything even money. It takes more time now to recover from it.

Though i am overly damage, I now have my time to really think and do about who am I gonna be for my future. It is all in my own hand now.

And I ....... Forgive myself !

I learned, ...
When I begin to awaken, my layers will be shed. I may experience rage, depression , anxiety, fear, etc, which I did experienced em all while I'm in my self development process.

I ride the wave ! I allowed these things to exit my system. Because my illusion self (ego) is being shed so my true self (spirit) can thrive ! And I embrace the transition so much.

So this year, is gonna be fabulous ! This year is going to be mine. I am going to dominate every damn field I decide to get into. Because why ? I vibrate higher !


And I ....
I am the love that your demon warned you about !  


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