Mini Touring (Bogor-Jakarta)

This is the first time after our last touring to Sawarna .. 

As the day before i was staying at my friends house for a night,
and just having a high night staying home and share a lot of stories about love and life ..

The day after, Bram visit and pick me up .. so we went home and  exploring the road along the way home ..

From Bogor to Jakarta !

And this is the sight seeing that i want to share with you all ..

Sometimes, i miss this, .. being on the road, and be in love with every journey i take on overland ..

Here we go !


(See that big Letter board up there ? i cant imagine how high is the cost in making that. Up there !?)



 And this is our Wefie ! 

The good thing on having an overland trip is actually you can experience a lot of things on the road that you cannot take on the plane or a train. Hopefully we can plan an amazing trip next time.

See you again on the next trip ! 

Foto - foto koleksi pribadi @griskiw



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