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Are you the type of person who really plan everything financially on a vacation or if you do traveling especially going abroad? If the answer is yes, then you are the lucky one. Now, in my journey this time I would like to share about my visit to Singapore with a low budget. Many says that Singapore is quite neat and discipline and so tight with their rules. And yes it’s so true. Upon arriving at Changi Airport I really enjoyed the sightseeing around the airport. But due to the late arrival we are so much in a hurry to go to the hostel.

That night we decided taking the MRT to the hotel. And with the info that we get from the hostel staff, we slightly explore MRT which incidentally was the fit choices among the other transportation info provided in getting to the hostel. Since the distance from Airport to the hostel is not quite far, we finally arrived on time.

5footwayinn has numerous type of property here in Singapore. But, if you are looking for a place to lie down and resting your feet after a long day walk down the Clarke Quay area and all around, 5footwayinn can be one of the option. I may say that this hostel is highly recommended for a light travelers and backpackers who just want to stop by for overnight staying or more. It is more than enough to meets your needs during your stay.

When we arrived, we can chose between doing online booking on the machine but we chose to do it directly since there’s a lot of question can be asked at the reception. All the staff are so nice and friendly. They can speak English well and be so much helpful in everything you need. 

The room charge start from $23. Make sure you prepare your cash ready when checking in, since you will be required a $20 refundable deposit for security before you received your keycard and pay in cash only. There are also few computers in the lobby if you want to go online with their free Wi-Fi all around the 5footwayinn. And yes, you will get a 10% discount if you use this promo code : nj10 ;) 

The staff will guide you to your room. And all access is using scanning key-card. Look around the artwork, posters and great pictures hanging on every wall. You can also find the reading room outdoor down below near the online booking machine. You can read all the useful information about where to go and what to do in Singapore.

There are various rooms here at 5footwayinn. Our choice is a private room for 3 people. There are differently sized private dormitory rooms for few people depends on how many of you will stay here and your wise budget. The bathroom and toilet are plenty, don’t worry they also provide shower gel in each shower bathroom and it is outside the room. I love how they kept it all clean all the time.

The most favorite thing I love the most is the night view from the terrace. It was awesomely magical. Well not only in the night time, but also in the day time as well. Since breakfast is included in the price, you can also have your coffee outside while seeing the river view. And Oh, one thing, you can get 24 hours coffee. It is endless !! love it !! 

The terrace view is right in front of the riverside and you can see the view of Skyline and Marina Bay Sand. The Old building of Singapore Parliament House and The Asian Civilizations Museum also great at night ! 

I would love to come back here and try the other property of 5footwayinn Project on the other part of Singapore; 

-          Project  Bugis
-          Project Ann Siang
-          Project China Town I
-          Project China Town II

Check out their website and social media ( Facebook & Instagram)  for further info and their great pictures ! Or check out my Instagram for more ! *wink

Singapore, I will be back !!


  1. That was so amazing accommodation, i hope i can try when i travelling to SG soon! Thanks for sharing your experience :)

    1. Thank you Faza for stop by. Hope we can explore more together one day soon in the future ;)


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