Your story of #life

One of another night where i just cant even stop thinking !

As i realize that there's a lot regrets in every step you make. Either it is one of a hell decisions of having a great deal of journey, or you make another version of ways in your actions due to your journey as well. In fact, the healing way is just to let go of what it was and sit back relax enjoy the #high sky with no limit. 

If i do that, it would be like this and that ! or, if i don't take the chances, i might as well a dumb ass with a normal boring life. As regrets come along, virtual thoughts are just playing around. Calling out to just chill. Or even being such emotional baby who have a grunge heart. 

The way of writing skills has been questioned by mark of every people's mind. Either you like it or not, do not regrets yourself reading this. I now having the honor to share about what has been my concern by far. In a way of handling objection in a bad mood and weather, I have beat my self so much harder. 

In any how, be yourself then let others judge you. A fine line where's not even close to reality that any human can handle it. Then i'd be like ~ be yourself and others will judge you anyway. 
Its just a journey. One's journey. With all #respect ~ 

[1:58am : 8 June 2015]


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